2023: Year in Review

Revolutionizing public goods funding with decentralized tools

Transitioning from Gitcoin 1.0 to 2.0, we have executed our vision to redefine the future of community-led capital allocation: To empower any EVM-based community to adopt secure modular protocols and plural mechanisms to fund what matters most to them.

distributed to projects during Gitcoin Grants in 2023
projects received funding
people donated
forum posts published
community Spaces held
Gitcoin Citizens funded
Launched June 2023

Proudly served industry-leading grants programs in web3

Since it's launch, Grants Stack has seen incredible traction. With over 20 grants programs launched since it's June 2023 release and more announcements lined up for 2024, the future is looking bright for Grants Stack!
Grants Stack in June 2023
funding rounds run on Grants Stack
projects funded
grants programs launched on Grants Stack
chains supported

Defended communities against bots and Sybils and laid the foundations for a data-rich, sybil free-future

With exponential growth in users and numerous integrations in 2023, Passport positioned itself as one of the top sybil defence solutions in the EVM this year. With some exciting new features on the horizon, Passport promises to level up the Sybil resistance landscape in early 2024.
from 80k to 770k
Passports created
onchain Passports
GTC Staked
stamps available (and counting)
unique credentials created
37+ ETH
revenue generated
Launched November 2023

Created foundational infrastructure for capital allocation

Allo is poised to be the Swiss Army knife of funding distribution. Designed to usher in a new era of community ownership and investment, this year was only the beginning. Allo protocol is setting its sights running some novel funding experiments in the EVM and beyond in 2024.
Deployed v2
to Mainnet with a robust SDK
passed through Allo Protocol
launched: a new smart-contract enabled microgrants tool
6 months
from research to launching end-user application using Allo V2 SDK
launched: the easiest way to explore and interact with the Allo ecosystem

Buckle in!

2024 is destined to be a big one

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